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Lessons Learned from Security at Past Olympic Games
Competition, Foreign Commerce, and Infrastructure Hearing
Tuesday, May 4 2004 - 2:30 PM - SR - 253
Description: Members will hear testimony regarding security measures taken by federal, state and local organizing committee officials to ensure the safety of those who attended and participated in past Olympic Games. Senator Smith will preside. Immediately following the Subcommittee hearing (approximately 3:30 p.m.), Senator Smith will conduct a classified briefing in SR-418 to obtain information from federal officials, including the U.S. Ambassador to Greece Thomas Miller, involved with security preparations for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games to be held in Athens, Greece later this year. This briefing will be classified as SECRET, and all Committee members are invited to attend, as well as staff with a clearance of SECRET or higher. Following is a tentative witness list (not necessarily in order of appearance):
Panel 1:
The Honorable Mitt Romney
Governor, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Panel 2:
Mr. Mark Camillo
Director, Homeland Security, Washington Operations, Lockheed Martin Corporation
Mr. David Maples
, Johnson, Maples, and Associates
Mr. Carl Lewis
U.S. Olympic Athlete in Track and Field,
Mr. Steven Lopez
U.S. Olympic Athlete in Taekwondo,
Not yet available