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The Hacktivist Magazine

The Hacktivist Vol 2 February 2001

[01] Introduction/What's New
[02] Media Watch
[03] Interview with WFD
[04] Linux and the protest movement
[05] The CyberArmy
[06] The Real World
[07] Interview with VR
[08] Love / Hate Relationship With Technology
[09] On The Strategic Use of Spam
[10] Zapatista Tribal Port Scan

The Hacktivist extends special thanks to Oxblood Ruffin and the members of the cDc, Ricardo Dominguez and the EDT, Erika Pearson, Chris Brennan, Gidget Digit, Paul Mobbs and the electrohippies, cyberarmy.com, the boxnetwork, attrition.org, and hackernews.com.

The Hacktivist is a text-based monthly publication covering and examining hacktivist and ECD related issues and events. This publication is dependant on reader input. If you have an article or piece of writing that you feel would enhance The Hacktivist send it to us and we'll include it in a future publication.