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Advice For Any Newbie Who Wants To Become A Real Hacker

Well you already have a good start, at least you're reading this text file, and if you think it's too complicated, too long, or that a text file written by a hacker that is not famous, then go ahead and be some careless little newbie who dies along with all the other lamerz.  The first thing is that everywhere on the web on every hacking site it is written in BOLD letters that to become a hacker you should read! read! read!, well this is the only way you will become a true hacker, you may become someone who uses programs to get into computer systems and people may call you a hacker but deep inside us, the real hackerz know you're not and if you ever had to face us you would not have a clue of what a hacker really does, or who he/she is.  Many newbies cry for help this is very common this may be ignorant newbies who just found out what a hacker is, or newbies who are simply too lazy to ever try and find things themselves so instead they ask, this once again is not how you shoudl become a hacker becomming a hacker is going to be harder than anything your school, colleage, job ot whatever, because there is only you and your own brain you have to teach yourself for the main part, some pople seem to have a problem teaching themselves, so maybe they were just never meant to be hackers they will normally go on to be lamerz, who only cause havoc for other people.  You will mainly learn from examples i know i did thats why in my hackign guides i have always tried to show an example, since this seems to be a real good method of learning.  To really be a hacker though you must try to look for your own exploits, possibly write your own programs to possibly find holes in systems, just remember you are not a hacker if you use others programs, but if you write your own then it's you that has made it and therefore you should use it.  The cry's about help are ridicolous though, all you have to do is browse through a newsgroup, and you will see at least 100 messages such as "help me to start hacking!!!""How do i hack?" or even, yes sad but true "will pay money for help on hacking", one time ia ctually replied to one of those messages, and helped the guy out because it wasnt really that bad a question, the deal was that he would send me $100 if i helped him aqnd i though "yeah right", but sure enough 3 days laterz there came $100 in the mail, i have only however done this once, but may do it again if i get something thats worth answering.  Well newbies weird as it may seem there are plenty of places out there to get your information on hacking out there, but this is part of becomming a hacker, a hacker should not just eb worried about his result he should think about the path he followed to take it.    A real hacker has to think for him/her self, a hacker cant go around and the information on accounts and stuff from everyone else, if it was like this there wouldnt be anything called hackign because noone would have an idea how to break into a system.  To become a hacker will not take a day, week, month, nor a year, it will take you years and years to build up gthe knowledge which is needed to become really good, in other words uncathcable, and even then your knowledge will still not be complete because the computer world moves so fast there will always be something new to learn, but just remember you are never the best there is always someone bigger and better than you out there.  Welcome to the threats section of this text file, i hate these threats made by small low life ignorant little newbies, things such as "shut the fuck up or i will blow up your computer", these threats are so stupid, and so childish, however the public thinks this is hacking, and so the rea hackers get yet another bad name.  Things such as mailbombing will get you nowhere, if you use your own server they will more than likely notice all the mails sent in the time span it took you, and you will get some dumbass message from the system administrator saying that next time you mailbomb you will be kicked from your server for good.  Please tell me someone what the hell is the point, besides pissing someone else off but they could just go on any site and get a mailbox cleaner  try Genious 1.0  from www.sinnerz.com it is pretty good or the one in HakTek.  If however you do find a mailserver that allows passthroughs then whats the point yes you wont be traced as easily, you wont loose your ISP account, however and anonymous mail can easily be traced it is so easy, anywayz i will like write another text file on that like in about a week so look for that.  So please if you are gonna Mailbomb, and Nuke get over it fast!!!! before you nuke the wrong person and you mysteriously die from a bullet to the head one early mornign when walking your dog j/k.  Just remember you will never be a hacker unless you think on your own, this means experimenting to fidn new ways into a  system, or on the other hand you could becaome a little ignorant lamer who only mailbombs and nukes, and never gets smarter but only dumber, like the rest of the world, all except for the hackerz.....

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This is for Educational purposes only it should not be used as a guide to cause havoc or to hack. He He He, good luck!!! And don't get caught.  I would hate to see you in a cell with your 300 pound Bruno The Gay Ax murderer. He He He.

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