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Our Goals

IWS - The Information Warfare Site - is an online resource that aims to stimulate debate on a variety of issues involving information security, information operations, e-commerce and more. It is the aim of the site to develop a special emphasis on offensive and defensive information operations. Since our launch in December of 1999 IWS has been redesigned and continues to add key texts. We aim to be an essential research center for every group interested in information security and information operations. Indeed many government organizations, private enterprises, and non-profit groups find us to be a useful aid to their work.

Still, in order to continue to provide this service, and to expand to our new goals, we need help. It takes tremendous time, labour, and finances to continue this site. Several ambitious projects had to be shelved due to a shortage of support, and while we continue to provide a one-stop research resource, we would like to do more.

What you can do

To help us provide this service and to expand, we need your support. If you find the resources available on this website, such as the research, daily newsletters that IWS provides, and our links please consider making a donation to IWS. With your help we can help bring experts together to share experiences and to debate energetically the issues involving the cyber-world. With your help we can greatly improve understanding on these issues, and we can all learn more.

Any donation you can make would be greatly appreciated!


The IWS team

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