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i) INFOCON Mailing List - Daily News on Cybersecurity & Homeland Security Issues

- This mailing list is devoted to all aspects of information operations, including offensive and defensive information warfare, information assurance, psychological operations, electronic warfare.


List Moderator: Wanja Eric Naef, email

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ii) INFOCON Limited Mailing List (.gov & .mil only)

- This mailing list contains additional information to the Infocon mailing list and it also serves as a discussion list. The list is only open to US .gov and .mil email addresses.

List Moderator Wanja Eric Naef, email

To Join the Infocon Limited Mailing List send an email to



iii) IA/InfoSec Mailing List

[IA/InfoSec] - This listing would be utilized to share information relevant to the holistic view of security from a cyber perspective. This will be supplemented with open-source information links providing continuity, integrity and availability resources. All attempts will be made to stay vendor neutral and unbiased to operating system. It will provide upcoming security awareness events that are not normally advertised and cover how to obtain information such as those from the http://iase.disa.mil/ training products site. This will also provide timely information that Cyber Security professionals can share with their brothers-in-arms of the physical, administrative, operational and other security realms.

List Moderator: Michael Huggins, CISSP CTOC USN (ret), email

To Join the IA/InfoSec Mailing List send an email to


v) CNO (by invitation only)

[CNO] - Computer Network Operations. This mailing list is devoted to the discussion of all aspects of Information Operations with special emphasis on Computer Network Operations. The list is operated under the 'Chatham House Rule' which means participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the writer, nor that of any other participant may be revealed; nor, may it be mentioned that the information was received from this list. The benefits of the Chatham House Rule is that it allows people to speak as individuals, and to express views that may not be those of their organizations, and therefore it encourages free discussion. We believe that the list can serve as a clearing house for ideas on important IO issues, as we have access to a great deal of expertise among our list members.

List Moderator, Wanja Eric Naef, email