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IWS - The Information Warfare Site is an online resource that aims to stimulate debate about a range of subjects from information security to information operations and e-commerce. It is the aim of the site to develop a special emphasis on offensive and defensive information operations. IWS first went online in December 1999.  Since its launch it has undergone a complete redesign and many key texts have been added. In adherence to its founding principles IWS has developed several mailing lists to enable a more interactive debate.

In January 2001 IWS launched its INFOCON Threat Centre.The INFOCON is a major IWS research project, which should rapidly grow over the next few months. The aim is to monitor different Internet sources and sub-state activities and then analyse cyberthreat trends every month, providing an INFOCON Level. Unlike other organisations, we believe in open source information and, therefore, INFOCON will be freely available to anyone who is interested.

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