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Links of the Week - The College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

'The Information Warfare Site opened two years ago to cover emerging issues such as information operations and critical infrastructure.'

The College of Engineering

A Site for Net Spooks -
The Information Warfare Site lays out the latest cyberthreats.

'For news of the latest cyberthreats, check out the Information Warfare Site (IWS). Covering everything from psychological operations to computer security and military affairs, the site aims to stimulate debate on a range of intelligence issues. ...'

Business 2.0

'....Overall, the site provides credible, easily navigable information from qualified sources on this timely topic. '

Harvard Business School Working Knowledge


'A kind of portal for everything you may have always wanted to know about such things as cybercrime, economic espionage and computer cracking....'

USA Today

'For a graduate of the Department of War Studies at King's College London, battles over computer and e-commerce security add up to a kind of war. Wanja Eric Naef's UK-based Information Warfare Site (IWS) monitors computer crime, hacking and security, with a special emphasis on efforts to protect critical infrastructure and the roles of the military and intelligence communities....'


'Here you can find international news coverage on information security, security advisories, whitepapers, convention schedules, ezines, book reviews, a discussion forum, and a mailing list. There are articles on such topics as ecommerce vulnerabilities, intellectual property crime, and defending against threats in cyberspace.'


' Are we in the war business?

Most libraries are fairly peaceful places, but we may be victims of attacks all the same. Think e-mail viruses. Think hackers. Think denial of service attacks. These things affect what we do and we need to keep ourselves well informed about them. The Information Warfare Site [http://www.iwar.org.uk] is a UK-based, online resource on a range of subjects from information security to information operations and e-commerce, with an emphasis on offensive and defensive information operations. ...'

inCite - News magazine of the Australian Library and Information Association May 2001 issue

'An exclusive award which recognizes useful, high quality Information Technology related web sites.'

The itmWEB™ Five Star Selection Award

'IWS - The Information Warfare Site - News, discussions and mailing lists focusing on information security, information operations and e-commerce.'


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