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List of Contents

Security Procedures
& Reporting Requirements

Protecting Classified Information
  Classification Guidelines & Distribution Controls
  Marking Classified Information
  Handling Classified Information
  Mailing & Carrying Classified Materials
  Foreign Government Classified Information
  Using the STU-III

Appropriate Use of Computer Systems
  Glossary of Definitions
Protecting Sensitive But Unclassified Information
  Appropriate Use of Computer Systems
  Freedom of Information Act
  Operations Security (OPSEC)
  Pre-Publication Review of Web Site Content
  For Official Use Only & Similar Designations
  DoD Technical Data
  Privacy Act Information
  Export-Controlled Information
  Source Selection Data
  Proprietary Information & Trade Secrets
  Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information
Standards of Personal Conduct
What Is Expected of Me?
  Examples of Security-Relevant Behaviors
  Adjudicative Guidelines
Self-Reporting on Your Personal Activities
  General Requirements
  Foreign Contacts
  Outside Activities
  Pre-Publication Review
  Reporting Foreign Intelligence Activity 
Reporting "Anomalies"
Reporting Improper, Unreliable, or Suspicious Behavior
  Reporting Responsibilities
  Counterintelligence Indicators
  Security and Suitability Issues
  Preventing Violence
  No Good Excuses for Not Reporting

  People Who Made a Difference
  Hotline Numbers

Foreign Threats to Protected Information

Who's Doing What to Whom?
  Economic Collection & Industrial Espionage
  Illegal Technology Transfer
  Computer Crime

  National Security Threat List
  Militarily Critical Technologies List
  Economic Espionage Act of 1996
How Do I Know When I'm Being Targeted and Assessed?
  Road to Recruitment
  Who Is Most Likely to Be Targeted?
Getting Information Out of Honest People Like Me
  Methods of Operation
  False Pretenses
  Unsolicited Requests
  Short-Term Foreign Visitors
  Long-Term Foreign Visitors
  Joint Ventures/Foreign Acquisitions
  Collection from Open Sources
  Theft and "Dumpster Diving"
Risks During Foreign Travel
  You Are the Target
  Country-Specific Threat Updates
  Security & Safety Recommendations
  Avoiding/Recognizing Intelligence Interest
  Contact with Foreign Relatives
  Theft While Traveling
  Overseas Communications
  Bugging Hotel Rooms
  Reporting Security Incidents
  Kidnapping Survival Guidelines
  Hijacking Survival Guidelines
  What to Do If Arrested

Vulnerability to Technical Operations

Computer Vulnerabilities
  Threats to Computer Systems
  How Hackers Work
  Case 1
  Case 2
  How We Make It Easy for the Hackers
  Weak Passwords
  "Social Engineering"
  Insecure Modems
  Using the Internet Securely
  E-Mail Pitfalls
  Viruses and Other "Infections"
  Security of Hard Drives
  Theft of Laptops
Intercepting Your Communications
  Overview & Countermeasures
  Fax Machines
  Cellular Phones
  Cordless Phones
  Answering Machines
  Voice Mail
  Intercoms & Baby Monitors
Bugs and Other Eavesdropping Devices
  Eavesdropping Methods
  Detecting and Preventing Eavesdropping

Understanding and Helping
With Personal Problems

Employee Assistance
  Alcohol Abuse and Dependence
  Compulsive Gambling

  Domestic Abuse
  Drug Use
  Eating Disorders
  Financial Problems
  Sexual Addiction
  Suicide Crisis Intervention

True Spy Stories

Learning from Experience
You Can Make a Difference
Ames: Too Many Weaknesses
Cavanagh Wanted to Be Wealthy
Charlton: Disgruntled Engineer
Consulting Led to Espionage
Espionage Killed the Company
Hamilton Tried to Prevent a War
Hacking Computers from Overseas
Illegal Export of Poison Gas
Lalas: Something Wasn't Right
Lipka: No Statute of Limitations
Notable Industrial Security Cases
Pollard: Grandiose Imagination
Ramsay Recruited Drug Users
Walker Was "Intrinsically Evil"
Voice Mail Is Vulnerable

Treason 101

How Spies Are Caught
The Insider Espionage Threat
The Insider Threat to Information Systems
Espionage by the Numbers