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'That's my message today. Silicon Fen can rival Silicon Valley. British entrepreneurs can lead the world in exploiting e-commerce. Britain can have more homes connected to the Internet than any other country. But to achieve that goal, we need to work together. British industry needs to be ambitious in responding to the challenge of e-commerce. British government needs to put in place the right framework and lead by example. And the British people need to have the confidence and skills to exploit these opportunities. If we do this, together, we can truly make Britain the best place for e-commerce anywhere in the world.'

Speech by the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, Silicon Fen, Cambridge, Monday 13 September 1999


Essential Documents

US Electronic Records And Signatures in Commerce Act (June 30, 2000) the Act clarifies the legal validity of electronic contracts, signatures, notices, and other records, and allows contracting parties to choose the technology for authenticating their transactions without government intervention. 

eEurope 2002 Action Plan prepared by the Council and the European Commission for the Feira European Council 19-20 June 2000


Canadian Internet Commerce Statistics Summary Sheet published by the Canadian Task Force on Electronic Commerce in August 2000

Australian E-commerce Beyond 2000 Final Report [848K] the report forecasts how e-commerce will permeate the Australian economy (published by NOIE in February 2000) 

US-U.K Joint Statement on Electronic Commerce
London, January 30, 1999

Electronic Commerce: The UK's Taxation Agenda [786K] published by the Inland Revenue, 1999

Canada's Electronic Commerce Strategy published in 1998. The paper is a very good study on e- commerce.

APEC Leaders Declaration on Electronic Commerce Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation 1997

European Initiative in Electronic Commerce 1997


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United Kingdom

Department of Trade and Industry
'DTI's Web sites offer a range of information for consumers, small businesses, employees, anyone with an interest in the world of work and many others. Whether you are looking for information on the aerospace or biotech industries or for guidance on the latest regulations, we may be able to help.'

Internal Revenue e-business and e-commerce page 'The e-business pages contain details of the existing and forthcoming services for certain Inland Revenue forms and returns to be sent and received electronically. The e-commerce pages contain details of the work the Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise are doing to meet the Government's clear aims for e-commerce in the UK, including the publication 'Electronic Commerce: The UK's Taxation agenda' and information about the Electronic Commerce Consultation Forum.'

Office of the e-Envoy The organization which co-ordinates the UK Government's e-commerce policies.  'The Office of the e-Envoy is leading the drive to get the UK online - the UK Government's strategy for the information age.'

United Kingdom Parliament's World Wide Web Service

United States

US Army Electronic Commerce Center

United States Government Electronic Commerce Policy

Information Sources

ebusinessforum.com 'is the new website from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) provides insight and analysis to help senior executives build successful strategies for the global digital economy.' A very good site with lots of information on many countries.

Ecommerce Times good online newspaper with daily e-commerce news


Australian National Office for the Information Economy 'NOIE's purpose is to implement Commonwealth Government policies to encourage the uptake of online commerce and the creation of an information society in Australia by ensuring an integrated and innovative approach to online policy.'

Canadian Task Force on Electronic Commerce 'This site is the virtual focal point for information on Canada's Electronic Commerce Strategy, outlining the various initiatives which are helping make Canada a world leader in the adoption and use of electronic commerce.'


E-Commerce Law Source.Com 'E-Commerce Law Source.Com™ is a privately funded and, now, privately supported endeavor. Our mission is to provide the Internet's most complete global resource and guide to the emerging and fast-developing fields of Electronic Commerce law and taxation. Additionally, we have an extensive index of Internet Law Links that provide a complete reference source to the more general law of cyberspace.'


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