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Information Operations: Psychological Operations

Clandestine Radio Watch (CRW) is a biweekly summary which centralizes the latest news and developments affecting the study of clandestine radio stations (definitions are very soft, even clandestine radio related stations are included). The editions are published (for free) on the CRW web site.

Falling Leaf - Psywar Society Journal 'First published in 1958, the Falling Leaf provides an invaluable source of news, articles and information about aerial propaganda leaflets. '

Phil Taylor's Web Site. The site contains articles & links covering topics such as
Military-Media Relations, Public Diplomacy, Information Warfare & Information Operations, Psychological Operations, War Reporting, Perception Management & the 'war' on Terrorism

The Psywarrior Site 'This website will attempt to give new emphasis to the indirect approach by conveying a better appreciation for the application of psychological operations. So sit back and join me on a tour of the history of Psychological Operations, and what PSYOP is today.'

POVA - Psychological Operations Veterans Association 'Pure and simple, the Psychological Operations Veterans Association is a reunion association. We have no formal affiliation with our brothers and sisters on active duty with the 4th Psyop Group, nor with the US Army or any other element of the government. The core of the association right now is made up of those of us who served in the 4th Group - and its earlier incarnations - in Vietnam. But we recognize, honor and welcome all Psywarriors from all eras and all engagements. We, above all others, understand and appreciate the work done in Grenada, Panama, Kuwait and now in Bosnia.'