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Information Operations: Government & Military

U.S. Air Force Information Warfare Center 'is a collocated unit of the Air Intelligence Agency, Kelly Air Force Base, Texas. The Center is engaged in a myriad of activities supporting its role as the Air Force Information Warfare executive agent. AFIWC's mission is to develop, maintain and deploy information warfare/command and control warfare capabilities in support of operations, campaign planning, acquisition and testing.'

U.S. Army - Land Information Warfare Activity (LIWA). Location: Fort Belvoir, VA. The LIWA provides Information Warfare and Command and Control Warfare support to land component and separate Army commands, both active and reserve, to facilitate planning and execution of Information Operations. The LIWA consists of four directorates: Plans/Operations Support, Intelligence/Analysis Support, Information Support, and System Threat Assessment. The ARAT-TA constitutes the System Threat Assessment Directorate and the Chief, ARAT-TA, reports directly to the LIWA Director.

U.S. Navy Fleet Information Warfare Center 'Our mission is to provide continuously improving IW support, which encompasses and integrates all IW disciplines, to deploying and operating Naval forces worldwide as tasked by CINCLANTFLT, CINCPACFLT, CINCUSNAVEUR, and COMUSNAVCENT.'

U.S. Navy - Naval Information Warfare Activity (NIWA). The Naval Information Warfare Activity (NIWA) at Ft Meade is the Navy's principal technical agent to research, assess, develop and prototype Information Warfare (IW) capabilities. This recently created activity supports the development capabilities encompassing all aspects of IW attack, protect and exploit. A key focus of efforts in this line is providing tactical commanders with an IW Mission Planning, Analysis, and Command and Control Targeting System (IMPACTS) tool. An aggressive program is maintained to acquire and analyze state-of-the-art technologies (software and hardware), evaluate fleet applicability and prototype developmental capabilities. NIWA is the Navy's interface with other Service and National IW organizations, working closely with the Fleet Information Warfare Center (FIWC) to develop of IW technical capabilities for Navy and Joint Operations.