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Critical Infrastructure Protection: Academia & Nonprofit

Global Information Infrastructure Commission 'The Global Information Infrastructure Commission (GIIC) is an independent, non-governmental initiative involving communications related industry leaders from developing as well as industrialized countries. The GIIC has been established to respond to the recognition that traditional institutions and regulatory frameworks can no longer meet the increasingly complex challenges and opportunities of globalized information.'

Harvard Information Infrastructure Project  'As the Harvard Information Infrastructure Project (HIIP) moves into its second decade, the information revolution continues to penetrate every aspect of daily life around the globe, affecting everything from national security to personal privacy, from economic competitiveness to democratic participation in governance. The HIIP identifies key issues and guides responsible policy in this critical and fast-moving area.

InfoSurance The Foundation for the Security of Information Infrastructures in Switzerland 'aims at creating in close partnership with the public and the private sector the organizational and structural conditions.'.

Information Assurance Advisory Council (UK) 'is a unique partnership for the information age that brings together corporate leaders, public policy makers and the research community' within the United Kingdom.

Institute for Security Technology Studies (ISTS) serves as a national center for cybersecurity and counterterrorism research, development, and analysis. Our research programs concentrate on threats to information infrastructure systems as well as national information sharing needs. Additionally, ISTS develops technology to strengthen America's response to attacks via weapons of mass destruction.

Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security 'Our Mission: Coordinate cross-sector initiatives, and complement public / private efforts to promote and assure reliable provision of critical infrastructure services in the face of emerging risks to economic and national security.'

TNO - Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research 'The Netherlands government has contracted TNO for Critical Infrastructure Protection studies (Bitbreuk and KWINT). TNO maintains a web page with relevant information on infrastructure studies, protection and vulnerabilities.'