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Goal 4 - Technology

Remain the World's Cryptologic Leader by Sustaining Leading Edge Capability in Key Technologies

NSA/CSS is recognized as the "class of the world" when it comes to cryptology. There is none better. However, the rapid advance of technology presents a continuous challenge. We must have continual infusion of new techniques and ideas. Therefore, we will undertake a strategic technology initiative to maintain our world-class leadership and technical health. Our strength will continue to be our technology and our teamwork.

We Will:

  • Remain preeminent in cryptology by enhancing our capability to forecast new technologies. We will work closely with U.S. industry to help integrate technology forecasts and assess the rate of market implementation.
  • Broaden collaborative partnerships with industry, academia, and other government agencies to maximize the return from technology efforts. We must continue to attract the best technical minds and take advantage of the expertise of our partners.
  • Focus entrepreneurial research and development efforts on breakthrough capabilities. We must remain the leader in supercomputing and provide supercomputing power to conduct research.
  • Expand our capability to model and simulate information operations.
  • Develop applications to leverage emerging technologies and sustain both our offensive and defensive information warfare capabilities.

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