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Goal 3 - Policy Makers

Enable Policy Makers to Promote Stability and Thwart Aggression Through Integration of Cryptologic Support

We recognize the need to work with our policy customers to identify and understand their cryptologic requirements. We will develop and provide intelligence information and security products and services that are responsive, timely, and useful upon receipt.

We Will:

  • Embed cryptologic elements with our policy customers to ensure that we better understand and anticipate their information needs.
  • Expand our collaboration with law enforcement agencies to improve support to counterintelligence, nonproliferation, and transnational issues such as narcotics trafficking, organized crime, and alien smuggling.
  • Continue to work closely with all policy customers and improve our interoperability to ensure that tailored intelligence and security products and services meet their specific information needs and timeliness requirements.
  • Expand "pull" dissemination capabilities to enable customers to initiate realtime requests for data in response to emergent requirements to improve crisis support.
  • Work with the intelligence community to develop interactive databases to enable the policy maker to initiate a single request, search all available community databases, and receive the requested data.

"Intelligence must...be integrated more closely with other functions of government, such as law enforcement, to achieve shared objectives."
Report of the Commission on the Roles and Capabilities of the United States Intelligence Community

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