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Goal 2 - Military Operations

Ensure Dominant Battlespace Knowledge Through Integration of Cryptology with Joint Operations

The United States Cryptologic System (USCS) is a vital National resource for the military decision maker. We will fully integrate the USCS in the planning and conduct of military operations, whether for humanitarian or lethal purposes. Dominant battlespace knowledge is essential if commanders and their forces are to enjoy secure C4I networks; be kept out of harm's way; and distinguish and exploit the adversary's operational environment.

We Will:

  • Anticipate and satisfy the warfighter's intelligence needs -- on time, anytime, anywhere, at the lowest possible classification.
  • Provide the full range of information systems security products and services needed for battlespace security. These capabilities will deny an adversary the information advantage, preventing him from effectively employing his forces.
  • Improve our readiness as a Combat Support Agency to ensure that we can effectively participate in joint and combined operations and exercises. Cryptologic assets that integrate into military operations will also participate in joint and combined exercises.
  • Ensure cryptologic systems are interoperable with those of the Services and our Allies. We will develop the global connectivity that will allow the warfighter to "plug in " anytime, anywhere in the performance of any mission.
Dominant Battlespace Knowledge is comprehensive awareness of all the decision-relevant elements within a defined battlespace, and the ability to predict, with very high confidence, nearterm enemy actions and combat outcomes.

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