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Goal 1 - Vital Information

Guarantee Vital Information for our Customers

Knowledge is power in the Information Age. The nation that can observe what is happening, orient itself to understand the real dynamics of a situation, decide what to do, and then act on that decision quicker than an adversary gains the information advantage. We will provide our customers the decisive information advantage by providing and protecting their vital information -- GUARANTEED!

We Will:

  • Provide the leadership to ensure the efficient operation of all cryptologic functions of the U.S. Government.
  • Be the preferred source of actionable intelligence for policy makers and military commanders. Decision makers will know that they can turn first to NSA/CSS for timely, user-friendly, and reliable intelligence.
  • Be the preferred provider of information systems security solutions. We will provide the leadership, trusted products, and services necessary to protect national security and sensitive information.
  • Foster a broad zone of cooperation between government and industry. Our objectives are to establish public key infrastructure technology and standards, and expand collaboration on information system vulnerabilities.
  • Establish a center for technical excellence for information operations. The center will improve indication and warning capabilities, and help achieve information superiority by providing the technical expertise to exploit adversary information and information systems while defending our own.
  • Examine adequacy of existing authorities for information age cryptology.
"...the threat to our information systems will grow in coming years as the enabling technologies to attack these systems proliferate and more countries and groups develop new strategies that incorporate such attacks."
Dr. John Deutch, former Director of Central Intelligence

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