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Full Committee Hearing

Thursday, May 20 2004 - 10:15 AM - SR - 253
Description: Members will hear testimony on the effectiveness of the CAN-SPAM Act and the anticipated effect of new anti-spam initiatives in curtailing the delivery of unwanted e-mail, known as spam, to consumers. Senator McCain will preside. Witness list will be released at a later time.
Opening Remarks:
The Honorable John McCain
Chairman, U.S. Senator (R-AZ)
Panel 1:
The Honorable Timothy Muris
Chairman, Federal Trade Commission
Ms. Jana D. Monroe
Assistant Director, Cyber Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Panel 2:
Mr. Ted Leonsis
Vice Chairman, America Online, Inc., and President, AOL Core Service
Mr. Shinya Akamine
President & CEO, Postini Inc.
Mr. Hans Peter Brondmo
Senior Vice President, Digital Impact, Inc.
Mr. James Guest
President, Consumers Union
Mr. Ronald Scelson
Scelson Online Marketing

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