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Communications-Electronics Security Group


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Table of Contents

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Communications-Electronics Security Group

John Doody

National Technical Infosec Authority

Presentation to The First International Common Criteria Conference, Baltimore 23 May 2000

UK Evaluation and Certification Services


The increasing need for information security

Information Security Breaches Survey 2000 (sponsored by DTI)

Waiting for the electronic Nemesis?

Worse to follow?

The longer term?

Growing proliferation of hacking tools and know-how

The world of information warfare

How do we ensure that these risks are minimised?

Certification Experience

Certification Experience

The Result of that Experience

Where the Future Lies

The Certification Body


The Developer’s Perspective

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Key Principles

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Want to know more?

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Author: Emma & Malcolm

Email: niap-info@nist.gov

Home Page: http://niap.nist.gov/iccc

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