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President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection

PCCIP Speaker's Bureau Library

Speeches, Testimony And Workshops Available Online

You may click on one of the following names to see a listing of what that person has online. A short list of upcoming events is also available.

Chairman Robert T. Marsh

Commissioner Mary J. Culnan

Commissioner Peter Daly

Commissioner John Davis

Commissioner Thomas Falvey

Commissioner David Jones

Phillip Lacombe, PCCIP Staff Director

Commissioner Stevan Mitchell

Commissioner Irwin Pikus

Commissioner Paul Rodgers

  • Address by Paul Rodgers before the California Utilities Emergency Association in Sacramento, California on May 28, 1997
    Note: Similar speeches were given by Mr. Rodgers at meetings with the American Public Works Association in Washington, DC (March 10); Oakland, CA (April 1); Kansas City, MO (April 15); and Houston, TX (May 23).

Commissioner Susan Simens

Commissioner Nancy Wong

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