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President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection

Structure and Organization

The President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection was established by Executive Order 13010 in July of 1996. It was an unusually large commission with broad representation from federal departments and agencies and from the private sector. The following diagram may help clarify the organizational structure of the components established by the executive order.

Organizational Chart; 27k GIF; client-side image map

CURRENT AS OF 1996-1997

The Commission was composed of full-time Commissioners who had had distinguished careers in the public and private sectors. An Advisory Committee of industry leaders appointed by the President provided the perspective of the infrastructure owners and operators. A Steering Committee, composed of the Commission's Chairman and four top government officials, oversaw the Commission's work on behalf of the Principals Committee, which included Cabinet Officers, heads of agencies, and senior White House staff members. More information about the constituent components is presented below.

Further Information on the Components

The Principals Committee

The Principals Committee was established by Section 2 of Eexecutive Order 13010 to review Commission reports or recommendations before submission to the President.

Membership of the Principals Committee

  • Secretary of the Treasury

  • Secretary of Defense

  • Attorney General

  • Secretary of Commerce

  • Secretary of Transportation

  • Secretary of Energy

  • Director of Central Intelligence

  • Director of the Office of Management and Budget

  • Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency

  • Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs

  • Assistant to the Vice President for National Security Affairs

  • Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director of the National Economic Council

  • Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, established by Section 3 of the Executive Order, oversaw the work of the Commission on behalf of the Principals Committee. The membership of the Steering Committee (as of August 29, 1997) was as follows.

The Advisory Committee

There are a number of pages at this site devoted to the Advisory Committee; they include information on its membership as well as on its meetings. Please see our main Advisory Committee Page for links to this information.

The Commissioners

Executive Order 13010 directed the following organizations to nominate not more than two qualified candidates to serve as Commissioners. One of the nominees of each agency could be an individual from outside federal government:

A separate page provides short biographical sketches of the Commissioners; these sketches in turn are hyperlinked to more detailed biographies of each Commissioner.

The Task Force

The Infrastructure Protection Task Force (IPTF) was formed to undertake an interim coordinating mission while the Commission was conducting its analysis. More information on the former organization and its work may be found on the IPTF's own site on the World Wide Web.

Go to the White House Read about the Principals Committee Advisory Committee Page Read about the Steering Committee Go to the IPTF Web site Read about the Commissioners.
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