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President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection

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Richard P. Case


Before joining the Commission, Mr. Case was the Director of Technical Strategy Development for the Corporate Staff at IBM. With 41 years of experience at IBM, Mr. Case brought to the Commission a wealth of technical knowledge in the areas of hardware, software and semiconductor development, systems architecture, laboratory management, litigation, and human resource administration.

Mr. Case began his long and distinguished career at IBM in 1956 as a technical engineer. During his first few years at IBM, he was responsible for the engineering design of computers and computing equipment, particularly the design of the IBM 1410 CPU and the IBM 7040-7044 processing systems. He later advanced to numerous other assignments including: Assistant Manager of OS/360; Director of Architecture for the Systems Development Division; Consultant to the Director of Research; Division Director of Technical Operations for the System Products Division; General Technology Division Vice President of Development Operations; Systems Technology Division Vice President for Development; IBM Director of Technical Personnel Development; and IBM Director of Systems Analysis.

A distinguished public speaker, panelist, and writer, Mr. Case has represented IBM at numerous public events devoted to topics such as computers and personal privacy, continuing engineering education, technology and government, and business and the creative process. He has also written and published articles in several publications including Computer magazine, Communications of ACM, Datapro and The Black Collegian.

His extensive research in the area of data processing resulted in the award of three patents: The Data Processing System patent which covers the IBM 360 Data Processing System (September 1968); A Memory Protection System (1966); and the Phased Pulse Generator (1962).

Mr. Case, a professional engineer licensed in Connecticut, received his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, in 1956, and his master's degree in electrical engineering from Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York in 1985. He is an IEEE Fellow and a member of the engineering honorary societies Tau Kappa Alpha, Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu. He served as the Chairman of the National Society of Professional Engineers Industry Advisory Group from 1991-1997.

Recognizing the importance of community involvement, Mr. Case has served as a trustee and vice-chairman of the Computer Museum in Boston since 1989 and as a trustee and national judge for the Mathcounts Foundation since 1992.

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