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President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection

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Merritt Adams


Mr. Merritt Adams is an international telecommunications consultant specializing in electronic surveillance, the development of communication safeguards, and telecommunications software R&D. He has a great deal of experience in the telecommunications industry, most notably with 35 years of service at American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T).

Mr. Adams started his career in the Bell System as an engineer in the SAGE System. He was responsible for the integration of large, fixed radars into a computerized tracking and control system. He was also responsible for the development of systems for the use of solar energy to assist in the orientation of radar systems. He was also involved in the upgrade of the DEW Line System for their integration into the NORAD; in this capacity he was responsible for systems testing and integration. Early in his career, Mr. Adams also worked in the development of No. 1 ESS, the first Electronic Switching System. Mr. Adams was eventually involved in the development of all of the AT&T Electronic Switching Systems.

Later in his career at AT&T, Mr. Adams worked on many international projects, including network applications in South Korea, Middle East, China, Australia, and Russia. For a time he was responsible for Asia Pacific (including mainland China, Taiwan, and Korea) business development, particularly in the fields of switching and communication safeguards. He retired from AT&T in 1994 as the Worldwide New Business Development Director for the International Switching Business Unit.

After Mr. Adams left AT&T, he formed his own consulting company and has been involved in working with the new common carriers in their effort to move into the local exchange carrier business as was made possible by the Telecommunications Reform Act of 1996.

His business experience and technical expertise made him an invaluable asset to the Commission's Vital Human Services and the Information and Communications teams.

Mr. Adams is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, with degrees in Math and Physics.

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